Fine art NFTs: Artfi registers over 25,000 Genesis Pass whitelist spots

Fine art NFTs: Artfi registers over 25,000 Genesis Pass whitelist spots

Artfi’s latest venture has garnered the attention of more than 25,000 enthusiasts, all keen to get a slice of a masterpiece created by renowned artist Sacha Jafri.

Artfi’s ambitious launch

Art technology juggernaut Artfi has recently unveiled its latest initiative, the Genesis Pass. This unique NFT pass offers access to a digital art revolution.

The first release offered by the Genesis Pass is ‘The Six Elements’ by globally recognized artist Sacha Jafri. By registering for the whitelist, users will get ownership rights over a fractional part of the physical painting, access to the Artfi token airdrop, and other exclusive sales within the platform.

An overwhelming number of art and tech enthusiasts – over 25,000, to be precise – have shown keen interest, rushing to sign up for the whitelist, manifesting the palpable excitement surrounding the Artfi launch.

The company’s prowess in tokenizing art means that the vast art market, once exclusive and elusive, now becomes more accessible. By fractionalizing artwork, the brand not only amplifies its liquidity but also broadens the horizon for potential collectors, making the once-unattainable dream of owning premium art a tangible reality.

The phenomenon of ‘The Six Elements’

Delving deeper into the heart of this release, ‘The Six Elements’ is not just another collection; it’s an embodiment of art and luxury. Stemming from a collaboration with Rolls Royce, Jafri was tasked with the monumental job of creating art for six Phantom Rolls Royce vehicles.

The result is an awe-inspiring series resonating with the essence of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Wind. The piece of art culminates with the all-encompassing element: Humanity.

With a generous 10,000 fractions available for distribution, Genesis Pass holders are not only set to own a piece of this iconic series but will also enjoy perks like free token airdrops and exclusive access to future Artfi-hosted art sales.

Jafri’s partnership with Artfi was born from shared ideals – a passion for art and a desire to democratize its ownership. Speaking on this alliance, Jafri enthused:

“Artfi’s initiative of democratizing art resonates with my vision. It’s heartening to know that a part of my creation, my soul, can now resonate with thousands of individuals.”

Artfi Quote from Twitter
Source: Artfi Twitter

Vision and the road ahead

An avant-garde in the field of art technology, the startup aims to democratize the whopping $1.7 trillion fine art market. With the might of NFTs and blockchain technology, Artfi provides an unprecedented opportunity for collectors to stake their claim in world-renowned artworks.

By owning one of these NFTs, collectors gain exclusive access to the elite world of blue-chip fine art – all facilitated by the swift, scalable, and secure Polygon blockchain.

For those itching to be a part of this art-tech rendezvous, the Genesis Pass whitelist is up for grabs. Come October 2023, the gates to the future of art ownership will open wide for public sale. For a visual treat and deeper insight into ‘The Six Elements’, art lovers and curious souls can visit the brand’s official YouTube channel.

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