Aptos celebrates Graffio launch; Resumes operation after unexpected downtime

Aptos celebrates Graffio launch; Resumes operation after unexpected downtime

Aptos is bridging the gap between art and blockchain with the launch of Graffio, a platform turning community art into a unique NFT. While this innovative move shines bright, a recent technical setback on the network reminds us of the challenges in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Graffio: A canvas for all

Aptos recently unveiled Graffio, an innovative platform designed for communal art creation. This distinctive canvas allows individuals to contribute their artistic visions, shaping a commemorative NFT.

Visitors can access the platform through Graffio.art. After connecting via the Aptos wallet adaptor or logging in through social media, users are prompted to create a Graffio Wallet if they choose the social login. Art enthusiasts can then add their creations to the shared canvas.

An extra bonus is that in a span of 24 hours, this joint artistic endeavor transforms into an NFT, which is then transferred to the contributing individual’s wallet.

Furthermore, the Aptos network champions user convenience. With features like high throughput, low fees, smooth social logins via Identity Connect, and Sponsored Transactions, both seasoned Aptos users and newcomers can effortlessly play their part in this digital masterpiece.

Creativity is encouraged, but it comes with a sense of responsibility. Graffio asks contributors to ensure their creations are tasteful and resonate with the positive ethos of the Aptos community. Should anyone diverge from these guidelines, moderators will be on hand to maintain the integrity of the canvas.

Aptos temporary stumble

Even well-established networks can experience downtimes, and Aptos was no exception. On October 18, the layer 1 blockchain network faced a significant outage, causing a halt in transactions for a stretch of five hours. Aptoscan, the network’s block explorer, pinpoints the exact moment of freezing to 11:11 pm UTC at block 104621314.

This interruption led several major crypto exchanges like Binance, OKX, and Upbit to suspend deposits and withdrawals of APT tokens momentarily.

The Aptos team maintained clear communication with its community throughout the situation. Through regular updates on social media, they tackled the issue with a light-hearted touch, suggesting that the enthusiasm for Aptos One was so electrifying that it caused a temporary blackout. Once resolved, the network resumed operations, a comeback that was officially confirmed on Aptos’s Twitter account.

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