Voting underway: Apecoin DAO debates using ‘Sister DAO’ to expand influence in Web3 ecosystem

Voting underway: Apecoin DAO debates using ‘Sister DAO’ to expand influence in Web3 ecosystem

Apecoin DAO has recently announced a new proposal aimed at establishing an NFT Community Vault—a ‘Sister DAO’—dedicated to acquiring culturally significant and influential Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Codenamed AIP-297, the proposal seeks an initial treasury allocation of 750,000 APE tokens to operationalize this unique community vault.

The ultimate aim: Credibility and growth

While the broader mission of the Apecoin DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) revolves around empowering its community through decentralized governance, this particular initiative is laser-focused on enhancing the credibility of the APE token within the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem.

The NFTs acquired by the vault will be community-managed, emphasizing transparent reporting and accountable decision-making processes.

Community control and participation

According to details published in a forum post in July, all key decisions about the vault’s activities will be made through a democratic voting mechanism among Apecoin holders. The proposal is co-authored by top-tier officials from Animoca Brand, such as Chairman Yat Siu and Head of Projects Tyler Durden, indicating a concerted effort to elevate Apecoin’s footprint in the Web3 space.

Currently, the proposal enjoys a substantial lead in community votes, with 73% in favor versus 27% against. Voting is open until September 21.

The launch of this new proposal occurs amid ongoing debates within the Apecoin community over another contentious issue—whether to allocate 11 million APE tokens (approximately $12.1 million) for a separate NFT purchasing endeavor (AIP-304), with the final decision also scheduled for September 21.

A strategic moment for Apecoin

While one proposal aims to invest in a range of NFTs directly, the other seeks to establish a dedicated organizational structure—a ‘Sister DAO’—to enable more focused, long-term growth and cultural acquisitions. Both paths share a common goal: to solidify the role and utility of APE tokens in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In the world of decentralized governance, community decisions can have long-lasting impacts. The coming days will reveal whether the Apecoin community sees greater value in direct investment or structural expansion as the best route to influence and credibility.

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