ApeCoin Community rejects proposal for two new NFT collections

ApeCoin Community rejects proposal for two new NFT collections

A recent announcement indicates that the proposal to establish two fresh NFT series, namely the ApeCoin Armory Club and the Ape Coin Pet Club, has been defeated by the ApeCoin Community. Each of these series was planned to comprise 20,000 NFTs, and they were intended to be distributed at no charge to cryptocurrency community members, amounting to a projected expense of $168,000.

A resounding no

The vote results show that a staggering 83.95% of the voters rejected the proposal, with a mere 10.01% of the community in favor of it.

The NFT collections under consideration had the potential to be integrated with several other NFT and metaverse initiatives, including Otherside, Decentraland, and The Sandbox. The possibility of the NFTs featuring in the 3D environments of other metaverse ventures was even suggested.

The proposal also included visuals of the NFTs, with the ape emblem emblazoned on a shield, along with depictions of the pets that were to be a part of the Ape Coin Pet Club.

The ApeCoin DAO has refrained from stating any explicit grounds for its dismissal of the proposal. Nonetheless, certain members of the community surmise that the timing may have been unsuitable for the launch of the new series. Additionally, some individuals may have perceived the proposal as being deficient in specifics, as it failed to elucidate the advantages of the proposed collections in their entirety.

Second Trip to the Otherside metaverse was a success

Yuga Labs, the enterprise responsible for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, has publicized the captains for the Otherside Second Trip gathering. The event appears to have been prosperous, with over 7,200 players simultaneously participating at one juncture.

In related news, Yuga Labs has also recently ventured into the world of Bitcoin NFTs, generating $16.5 million in revenue within a 24-hour period. The top bidder paid over 7 BTC for an asset from the Bitcoin Ordinal series named TwelveFold. This auction’s triumph underscores the mounting attention garnered by Bitcoin-based NFTs.

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