Animoca Brands launches Web3 racing game “Formula E: High Voltage”

Animoca Brands launches Web3 racing game “Formula E: High Voltage”

On October 19, the much-anticipated Formula E: High Voltage racing game will be launched by Animoca Brands, the leading Web3 gaming company.

Fastest-growing motorsport joins Web3

Formula E, a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars, has seen significant growth since its inception, with increased manufacturer involvement, sponsorships, and viewership. This growth reflects the increasing global interest in sustainable transportation and renewable energy solutions.

Formula E: All about sustainability

That is exactly why Formula E: High Voltage, the product of a collaboration between Animoca Brands and Bucharest-based gaming studio Amber, has been developed on the environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient Flow blockchain.

As Animoca Brands highlighted, minting an NFT on Flow uses less energy than a single post on Instagram or even a Google search. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Formula E’s founding goal: to combat climate change by promoting electric vehicle adoption. Since its inception, Formula E has been touted for its net zero carbon footprint.

Kieran Holmes-Darby, Formula E’s gaming director, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

“We are excited to partner with Animoca Brands, a proven leader in the gaming industry, to launch Formula E: High Voltage. Gamers will get the chance to engage with Formula E and our racing in a dynamic new way. We are confident they will enjoy the gaming experience and will be more likely to follow the teams and drivers competing in the Championship.”

Claim your vehicles

Upon entering the game, every player will be given four NFTs – comprising two cars and two drivers. This allows gamers to dive in for free, taking the reins of their personal racing teams and electric cars. The game provides a dynamic playing experience by mirroring elements of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Players can race on iconic city tracks like Rome, Berlin, New York, and London.

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Gameplay Screenshot

Race enthusiasts will recognize the GEN3 car – a beacon of electric race car technology – which will also feature in the game. Moreover, players can select from a myriad of fantasy and official cars and drivers. Notably, the current 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Champion, Jake Dennis and his Andretti Porsche 99X Electric GEN3, are included.

Success in Formula E: High Voltage hinges on strategy. Players are tasked with managing races by picking optimal cars, drivers, and special abilities. These decisions are crucial for top performance during varying weather conditions and day/night cycles. Every car and driver is an NFT with a distinct rarity level. Each possesses unique skills, chosen from a pool of over 100, that are vital for building a dominant racing empire in the digital realm.

Starting October 17, 8,500 Solo NFT Crates and 9,000 Team NFT Crates will be available for purchase on the game’s official website. These crates range in price and contents but offer players a chance to own official and fantasy cars and drivers.

Animoca Brands faces tough competition

In spite of how promising the new title by Animoca Brands looks, it will be competing with the likes of Nitro Nation, the recently released racing game from Mythical Games studio.

Having secured immense success with NFT Rivals, Mythical Games is now set to conquer the racing genre by securing several licensing deals with renowned car brands. As a result, Nitro Nation players can race on beautifully designed NFT vehicles from McLaren, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volkswagen, and Subaru.

Regardless, Formula E: High Voltage caters to a growing niche sport and is poised to find its own place in the market with the help of REVV Motorsport, a play-and-earn ecosystem that features similar games such as MotoGP Ignition, MotoGP Guru, REVV Racing, and Torque Drift 2.

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