Advancing the Web3 frontier: Animoca Brands and AWS Activate join forces

Advancing the Web3 frontier: Animoca Brands and AWS Activate join forces

In a bold move destined to revolutionize web3 development, Animoca Brands, a powerhouse in the web3 sphere, has joined hands with Amazon Web3 Services’ (AWS) Activate program. This synergistic collaboration aims to leverage AWS’s vast infrastructure and resources to accelerate the growth and development of promising web3 startups.

The mutual benefits

Under this partnership’s umbrella, Animoca Brands will play a pivotal role as a provider on AWS Activate. This position will pave the way for its expansive portfolio of over 450 web3 companies to tap into a funding reservoir. Specifically, each of these startups can now secure up to a whopping $25,000 in Activate credits. But the benefits don’t stop at financial incentives.

Startups embarking on this journey will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit – from expert guidance and resources to content tailored to their needs. The objective? To ensure these fledgling companies can seamlessly navigate both the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems while also developing robust go-to-market strategies.

Unlocking a universe of possibilities

The metaverse is rapidly becoming the next frontier for digital interaction. Within its vast expanse lies a spectrum of web3 companies, each unique in its focus – from blockchain gaming and the revolutionary NFTs to the broader metaverse domain.

This collaboration aims to cultivate these startups, fostering a more open metaverse. Here, users don’t just exist; they become active stakeholders, owning products and services they immerse themselves in.

But the journey of these startups is further bolstered by the AWS Startup team. They stand ready to provide unparalleled support in areas like technical guidance, networking, fundraising, and marketing.

Furthermore, the Activate credits open doors to AWS’s treasure trove of cloud services – from vast storage options and analytics to the cutting-edge realms of IoT and machine learning.

Voices from the vanguard

Yat Siu, the visionary co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm. He said that pairing with AWS is not merely an alliance but a defining moment. Hong Kong, their innovation hub, combined with AWS’s globally recognized cloud capabilities and steadfast commitment to startups, has set the stage. Together, they are turbocharging web3 startups globally.

Interestingly, this announcement wasn’t the only one to make waves recently. Just a day earlier, Animoca Brands announced a strategic alliance with CyberConnect to infuse a decentralized social layer into Mocaverse, an intriguing NFT collection curated for its portfolio companies.

Plus, a massive $30 million investment was pumped into the Hong Kong-based crypto-exchange and digital banking super app, Hi, last month. The aim? Speeding up the mass transition of users to the web3 sphere.

Animoca Brads and AWS – Giants merge in the digital realm

This alliance between Animoca Brands and AWS Activate is not just a partnership; it’s a clarion call to web3 startups worldwide. With unparalleled resources, support, and expertise at their disposal, these startups are poised to shape the future of the digital realm. The web3 frontier is expanding, and with these two giants leading the charge, its potential is boundless.

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