An artful approach: Unveiling DeLabs’ cryptic teases

An artful approach: Unveiling DeLabs’ cryptic teases

The innovative minds behind DeLabs, the originator of the Ethereum NFT project DeGods and Polygon-based y00ts, are hinting at colossal plans, featuring extensive IP rights for owners. Bucking the trend, DeLabs recently rolled out a website reminiscent of the earlier days of Facebook, a playful, mysterious nod to their forthcoming content and feature expansions, planned for release in July.

Shattering the blueprint

In an unusual move, Rohun “Frank” Vora, the founder of DeLabs, has labeled this cryptic site as “performance art,” rejecting the customary roadmap approach to product releases. The assertion, “Roadmaps are stupid,” graces the website, igniting intrigue among the community and stimulating a treasure hunt for hidden cues and cryptic hints about the future.

Hints and speculations

The intriguing website hints at the advent of female DeGod avatars in Season III, alterations to the DUST token model, and a fresh take on IP rights for NFT holders. This innovative perspective on IP rights offers the potential for holders to become official licensees of a brand, broadening the scope of current models.

The Journey of DeLabs

Vora, since founding DeGods in 2021, has fostered an exclusive community centered on real-world events and social connections, culminating in a beach event held recently. This strategy led to DeGods becoming the most valuable NFT project on Solana last year, driving DeLabs to embark on the y00ts project.

The projects made a significant move early this year, with DeGods transitioning to the Ethereum mainnet and y00ts choosing Ethereum’s scaling network, Polygon. This decision was supported by a generous $3 million grant from Polygon Labs. Both DeGods and y00ts are tokenized profile picture (PFP) projects, with DeGods NFTs and y00ts currently trading at 9.35 ETH and 1.72 ETH on secondary markets, respectively.

Nostalgia in the Digital Age

Vora, in a recent Q&A on Twitter, expressed his fondness for nostalgia, reminiscing about the early Facebook era where the focus was primarily on building connections. He went on to share his concerns about the digital world’s growing detachment from social connectedness amidst the rise of “dopamine-maximizing algorithms.”

A new chapter in IP rights

DeLabs had previously unveiled a white paper for y00ts in August 2022, suggesting an innovative form of intellectual property within the NFT realm. Although currently absent from the y00ts website and dubbed a “pretty rough approximation,” it contained the groundwork for a potential copyright-style registration for the y00ts collection.

As Vora offered additional insights into the process, it was revealed that the team has been tirelessly working with their legal firm over the past seven months to draft a new form of IP rights. This unprecedented approach to IP rights might well usher in a new era for the NFT space, sparking excitement and anticipation among the community and beyond.

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