Alice Delahunt’s SYKY: Merging the digital frontier with luxury fashion

Alice Delahunt’s SYKY: Merging the digital frontier with luxury fashion

The luxury incubator SYKY, co-founded by a former luminary from Ralph Lauren and Burberry named Alice Delahunt, unveiled its new platform last Friday.

SYKY’s mission and services

SYKY aims to spotlight emerging global digital designers by providing them with a space to showcase their innovative works. In turn, users have the opportunity to discover, curate, and trade these unique digital collectibles.

The platform stands out with its exclusive releases, which will span both purely digital designs and unique physical pieces, and it’s set to host a secondary marketplace to cater to the increasing demand for trading digital fashion assets.

Delahunt stressed the significance of the platform, highlighting how it reflects consumers’ engagement in both digital and physical realms. She further stated that the platform stands as both a validation and a prompt for the fashion industry to evolve.

Inaugural NFT collection

The anticipation for the platform began earlier this year when it announced securing $9.5 million in funding. Since then, it hinted at its mission to be an incubator for emerging talent, a promise it started fulfilling in April.

To commemorate its launch on Friday, SYKY, in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, unveiled a digital fashion showcase. Central to this showcase was a capsule collection by Sunw, the brainchild of Chinese designer Fanrui Sun.

The offering boasted two distinctive digital fashion items, limited to 20 pieces each, and a one-of-its-kind physical bag accompanied by its digital twin. This unique item entered the auction realm on Friday at 8 a.m. ET, with bids commencing at 0.65 ETH.

Future prospects in hybrid fashion

This launch marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of fashion, emphasizing the blend of the digital and physical. Delahunt’s experience and vision, enriched by her tenures at giants like Ralph Lauren and Burberry, position SYKY to potentially lead this convergence in the industry.

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