Algorand’s NFT rewards lead to astonishing 320% ascent

Algorand’s NFT rewards lead to astonishing 320% ascent

Algorand (ALGO) emerges as a tale of triumph in the third quarter of the year. Despite the rollercoaster ride common in the crypto space, layer 1 blockchain has not only weathered the storm but has also charted impressive growth, as detailed in a recent Messari report.

NFT rewards rocket

A remarkable 321% leap in NFT-related transactions can be traced back to a strategic move in Q2, where a governance vote led to the allocation of a hefty 500,000 ALGO to incentivize activity on its NFT marketplace. This initiative has evidently paid dividends, propelling the platform to new heights in transaction volume.

The dual narrative of growth and challenges

Algorand’s journey in Q3 has been a mixed bag of explosive growth and significant setbacks. While the platform celebrated the addition of 1.1 million new addresses and a modest 2% uptick in daily transactions, its stablecoin market cap saw a 58% decline, primarily due to shrinking market caps of stablecoins like USDT and USDC on its platform.

Algorand's NFT rewards lead to astonishing 320% ascent - 1
New addresses and daily transactions (Source: Messari)

However, in a twist, USDC overtook USDT, now representing 76% of the stablecoin market cap on Algorand.

DeFi dynamics and network novelties

In the DeFi domain, Algorand witnessed a strategic shift. With Algofi, once the largest DeFi protocol on the network, winding down operations, Folks Finance seized the spotlight, capturing 55% of the DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL).

Moreover, Algorand’s Q3 saw a network upgrade enhancing throughput and supporting quantum-secure interoperability, setting the stage for future advancements like AlgoKit 2.0 and a shift to a peer-to-peer network design.

Algorand's NFT rewards lead to astonishing 320% ascent - 2
Algorand DeFi total value locked by protocol. Source: Messari

The price puzzle of ALGO

In the realm of market performance, ALGO’s journey has been a tumultuous one. Currently positioned at 53rd in the global crypto rankings, ALGO has encountered resistance, particularly at its 200-day moving average, limiting its upward mobility. Despite this, the token has witnessed impressive gains over various time frames, though it remains to be seen whether these can be sustained in the face of ongoing market volatility and competition.

The road ahead for Algorand

As Algorand sails into the future, its path is lined with both opportunities and challenges. The platform’s ability to continue innovating and growing its ecosystem will be crucial in determining whether ALGO can reach new peaks or will hover below key resistance levels. The anticipation around its development plans and the broader market trends will play a significant role in shaping Algorand’s trajectory in the coming months.

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