AirBaltic airline introduces NFT-based loyalty program

AirBaltic airline introduces NFT-based loyalty program

AirBaltic has introduced NFTs to its loyalty program. Holders of the digital collectibles will gain access to the perks and privileges of the VIP club member of the airline.

Plainies collectibles give holders VIP access

AirBaltic is the latest airline to adopt NFTs in its business model. The AirBaltic loyalty program allows travelers to earn loyalty points as they travel throughout the world. The introduction of NFTs to the program gives participants the opportunity to increase their loyalty points.

According to the update, the quest for a top-tier VIP position can be accomplished by holders of 25 NFT collectibles known as Plainies. Holders of Plainies will have access to perks and privileges available in the course of their travels using the airline.

The release said that the essence of the program is to redefine the passengers’ experience and enhance the performance of AirBaltic. The unique inclusion of the AirBaltic loyalty program is aimed at travelers who want to gain access to the top-tier status of a VIP via the program.

The report also said that holders of the NFTs would be granted a one-year membership as long as they hold and stake their NFT on the platform. The owners will continue to enjoy the perks as the tokens are staked.

First NFT-based airline loyalty program

The CEO of AirBaltic, Martin Gauss, said that the top-tier membership would be available for holders even if they do not fly regularly. Speaking on the NFT inclusion, Martin stated: 

“Planies is the first NFT-based airline loyalty programme in the world, and AirBaltic is happy to offer its members the opportunity to purchase the top-tier elite membership, even if they are only flying occasionally,” 

Martin said that the move towards inclusivity using NFT in the airline’s loyalty program was predicated on the increasing demand for luxury by travelers. He said that customer interest in NFTs is not in doubt, adding that it is a creative way to accomplish the demand of the customers.

“We have seen a high interest in our NFTs so far, and now we are taking the next step in implementing it in various processes, within the airline. AirBaltic is committed to providing its customers with a memorable and luxurious travel experience, and this addition of the loyalty programme is another new and creative way to reach that,” Gauss said.

Automatic upgrade to VIP status

To reach the VIP status, the member has to access and own specific tokens in their AirBaltic account. Then they have to stake a minimum of 25 of the Planies tokens to gain access to the VIP status. All these are automatically granted when the member fulfills the required conditions. The conditions, as well as the VIP status, are accessible to a club member only once.

The release by the airline said that the AirBaltic Planies are unique collectibles of a cartoon drawing of an aircraft. Each of the NFTs is unique and exhibits different traits such as wingspan, engines, eyes, mouth, and more. With 10,000 NFTs planned for minting, club members can access them at the dedicated website and trade them on secondary markets like OpenSea.

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