AI artist’s new NFT collection to go live in March at Louvre

AI artist’s new NFT collection to go live in March at Louvre

Claire Silver, an NFT artist known for using artificial intelligence, will debut her collection at the Louvre Museum in Paris later this month.

Merging NFTs and AI  

Silver’s new collection, “can I tell you a secret”, is a collection of 100 post-photography pieces made with AI. The collection, she says, is a visual autobiography designed for intimacy; the more you dig, the more secrets, hidden gifts, and rabbit holes you discover.

On Mar. 21, the Louvre exhibition will begin in facilitation with Superchief Gallery, a physical gallery space in New York and Los Angeles exhibiting NFTs.

Apart from the new collection, her artwork, “Love in the 4th Turning,” will also be displayed at the Louvre. The Strauss-Howe generational theory on the recurrent generational cycle of archetypes throughout history inspired the artwork. The piece goes for 44.44 wETH($68,677).

Silver has made other sales on SuperRare, at Sotheby’s London and has been exhibited in museums, festivals, and galleries. She is known for her explorative AI work in producing creative works. Her artwork has sold for as much as 52 ETH($92,000). She, despite other digital cohort exhibitions, has remained anonymous.

The artist has also signed for representation as the first AI artist with the global talent agency William Morris Endeavor(WME). Regarding the partnership, she tweeted that they are working together to bring AI art to mainstream culture. 

The art industry is increasingly integrating NFTs

Silver is among the AI artists working with Louvre to exhibit their work. Last month, an NFT collector going by Cozomo de’ Medici donated his digital artworks to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LAMCA). Meanwhile, Yuga Labs also donated CryptoPunk to the Paris’ Centre Pompidou.

Another artist, Refik Anadol, displayed his art at the New York Museum of Modern Art(MoMA) as a temporary installation, “Unsupervised.” Notably, the collection will be live till Apr. 15. 

Silver and Anadol’s exhibition light on how AI is growing as a creative expression and looking to change traditional norms of what is interpreted as art.

The WME has also been growing to accommodate more NFT artists and developers. The company has worked with NFT gallery Bright Moments, Mack Flavelle, the Dapper Labs, CryptoKitties co-founder Boss Beauties, an NFT startup, and NFT artist Valfré.

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