Affyn selects Singapore as the first NEXUS World Metaverse City

Affyn selects Singapore as the first NEXUS World Metaverse City

Affyn has announced the launch of its first metaverse city within its NEXUS World platform. The city will be a virtual recreation of the sovereign island country of Singapore. From December 17 onward, users will be able to buy plots of virtual land in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Singapore recreated on the metaverse

The city will feature 2,000 plots of Freehold Land NFTs (non-fungible tokens), with more to be added in the coming months. These NFTs represent virtual real estate within the metaverse and are linked to specific locations in the real world.

The virtual real estate NFTs come with a range of features and climates, including grass, sand, rock, and snow biomes. The plots are hexagonal tiles that average 15,047.5 square meters and are approximately 65.9 meters per side. They are also classified by rarity levels, with higher levels providing access to more benefits, such as the ability to spawn rarer “Buddies.”

Landowners can rent out their virtual property, host events, and create businesses to earn rewards. They will also be able to invite other players to participate in activities on their Land, which can lead to further rewards. 

Crucial milestone

The launch of Singapore as a metaverse city represents a major milestone for Affyn and its ongoing commitment to product development. Lucaz Lee, the Founder and CEO of Affyn, was elated with the recent development:

“We are beyond excited for NEXUS World Landowners to experience the metaverse coming to life and take part in co-creating and powering the economy. These encouraging developments and more cities arriving in the coming months will prove invaluable catalysts for ongoing Web3 gaming adoption.”

The sale of the Land NFTs begins on December 17 at 12:00 UTC. Users who have bought Flags will be able to claim plots of Land within the Singapore metaverse city. For more information, visit the NEXUS World Land Sale website.

Virtual land NFTs

Virtual land NFTs represent ownership of virtual real estate within a digital world or metaverse. These digital assets are unique and cannot be exchanged for other tokens or assets on a one-to-one basis. 

One key feature of virtual land NFTs is that they are often tied to specific locations in the real world. Affyn is doing something similar by allowing its users to own virtual property in Singapore, giving them a sense of ownership and connection to the real world. 

Virtual land NFTs can come in many different forms, from virtual plots of land to virtual buildings and even virtual cities. Although the price of metaverse land has plummeted, dropping 98% in value since last year, these assets still hold immense potential and future utility.

About Affyn

Affyn is a Singapore-based company using blockchain-powered technology to develop mobile games with integrated geolocation and augmented reality capability. Affyn is pioneering the gaming model with a sustainable play-and-earn economy where rewards earned in the virtual world have the ability to also be utilized in the real world.

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