Adidas teams up with Bugatti for exclusive Web3 shoe auction

Adidas teams up with Bugatti for exclusive Web3 shoe auction

Global shoe brand Adidas and luxury carmaker Bugatti have unveiled plans to auction a limited-edition line of soccer shoes with a unique digital twin. This innovative offering will be available through Adidas’ web3 platform, adding a new dimension to the world of collector’s items.

Bugatti x Adidas

The partnership brings together the worlds of sports and luxury automobiles. The limited number of 99 pairs, inspired by Bugatti’s sleek car design, promises exclusivity and prestige. Set to be auctioned on collect.adidas from Nov. 8 to 11, the collectibles shoes come with a minimum bid of 0.2 Ether.

The aesthetic of the shoes is as impressive as their inspiration. They come in black and a striking blue, reminiscent of the early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. According to the companies, the design is not just about looks. The shoes were engineered to be light and robust, so it’s about all performance:

“The exclusive new collection draws upon the characteristics that have come to define Bugatti, not only engineered for speed but created with a ‘Form Follows Performance’ design philosophy for the ultimate in ability,”

As rare as they are innovative, these shoes are expected to be highly sought after for years to come. Interested buyers will be able to place bids in late November.

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Bugatti x Adidas Shoe (Source)

Shipping begins in December, with the shoes being delivered in a uniquely designed box inspired by the intricate patterns of carbon fiber – the exceptionally lightweight yet robust substance predominantly used in the construction of Bugatti’s high-performance sports cars.

Phygital shoes gaining momentum

Dubbed ‘Phygitals’, these shoes represent a burgeoning trend. This initiative comes in the wake of Nike-RTFKT’s “forging” event, where NFT owners could order physical shoes. The concept of phygitals—physical products paired with digital assets—is gaining traction, especially among crypto-savvy consumers.

The new shoes by Bugatti also offer perks to ALTS holders. Although the perks aren’t specified, it’s something Adidas NFT holders can look forward to.

Special Auction

The auction process itself is a nod to modern technology. Bids must be placed in cryptocurrency. However, the companies emphasize inclusivity:

“Although conducted using cryptocurrency, users have a direct on-ramp from traditional currency in the auction using MoonPay,”

Would-be collectors will be able to place their bids using MoonPay, a seamless bridge between traditional and digital currencies. This feature ensures that the auction is accessible to a wider audience, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency.

Adidas and Bugatti are setting a new standard with this collaboration. By combining luxury, exclusivity, and cutting-edge technology, they are not just creating a product; they’re crafting an experience. The world will be watching come November as bids are placed and these limited-edition treasures find their new homes.

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