Adidas Originals Launch an NFT Collection of Unique Wearables

Adidas Originals Launch an NFT Collection of Unique Wearables

Adidas Originals has debuted a limited number of blockchain-based virtual wearables as Non-Fungible Tokens. According to the official tweet, the wearables will be available on Adidas’ official metaverse webpage. 

Adidas Strikes Again

Adidas, one of the leading apparel brands spearheading NFT collections and metaverse experiences, has launched another Adidas Originals’ first NFT line of wearables. The launch includes a set of 16 new, interoperable asset classes named ‘Virtual Gear’.

Virtual Gear pushes the brand’s quest to reinforce its fan base, member-first, open metaverse agenda. According to Adidas Originals’ official tweet on the announcement, the release proclaims the first collection of wearables:

“Representing our first NFT collection of wearables, a new interoperable product category, “Virtual Gear,” accelerates our collective drive towards strengthening web3 and the Adidas community-based, member first, open verse pledge.”

The 16-piece collection, released through a teaser campaign with the Adidas Discord community, is a creative and cultural breakthrough in the brand’s history. The collection is now available in the addresses of existing Phase 2 Capsule NFT holders. Adidas launched Virtual Gear to tie together history and future, digital and actual worlds, communities, and NFT artists.

Commenting on the launch, the VP of Adidas, Erika Wykes-Sneyd, stated that the organization was making its advancements in the untapped digital arena to benefit NFT developers, artists, and creators as well as support the diversity of expression and utility, an opportunity that virtual world has made possible for the company to exploit. Erika Wykes-Sneyd said:

“We’re laying down a marker in this new age of originality – one that unquestionably serves the community, heroes, the purveyors and collectors of emerging style and culture, benefits the value creators and supports the diversity of expression and utility that blurring virtual worlds has allowed us all to explore.”

The collection also features three limited edition creator-led digital garments, each reflecting the creative flair of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Gmoney, and Punks Comics, as part of the brand’s ongoing collaboration with the brand’s initial Web3 partners.

The incredibly rare wearables collection is already available. Owners of the Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT Collection, which debuted in May 2022 as part of the world’s largest NFT Airdrop, will be airdropped some of the 16 unique digital pieces assigned once they choose to unveil and replace their Capsule NFT. The collection will also have the remaining tokens available for purchase to those without the Capsule NFT collection.

Adidas Jumps into Web3 Experiences

The virtual space is not new for the shoe manufacturer. Adidas has been a pioneer in launching web3 products and experiences. The company has led this market with its ‘Adidas Originals into the Metaverse’ NFT line, with a total trading volume of 47,000 ETH.

Following Adidas, other labels with significant trading volumes in this area include Nike, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci. Even rival Nike has also recently launched an NFT marketplace dubbed Dot Swoosh. Altogether, apparel brands have increasingly shown interest in exploiting the digital market. The industry has seen enormous growth and progress since the brands began their inception in the space.

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