Adidas assembles artist residency for NFT development

Adidas assembles artist residency for NFT development

Adidas has taken another innovative stride in the Web3 domain by collaborating with digital artists for exclusive NFT (Non-fungible Token) releases. The announcement came this Thursday as Adidas /// Studio, also known as Three Stripes Studio, unveiled their new global digital artist residency titled “Residency by Adidas”.

Inaugural NFT drop by emerging artists

Residency by Adidas is set to go live in September, aligning perfectly with the Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul. The inaugural digital art sale will showcase exclusive pieces from artists MonkeeMoto and Adra Kandil, popularly known as Dear Nostalgia.

MonkeeMoto, based in Tokyo, dabbles in game development and digital concept design. Meanwhile, the Lebanon-born Kandil merges various mediums like photography, collages, typography, and digital montages. Kandil’s talent isn’t unnoticed; she’s worked alongside luxury giants like Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, and Roberto Cavalli.

NFT enthusiasts can anticipate a diverse range of artwork. This includes both limited edition and open edition artwork collectibles on Ethereum.

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Hype by Monkeemoto
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Supporting the digital art community

Residency by Adidas isn’t just a showcase. Its vision is to uplift and support the digital artist community. The company shared that this initiative will offer artists a stage to display their work and will lead to future partnerships, both in the digital sphere and on tangible products.

Stacey King, the Global Head of Communications and Activations for Adidas /// Studio, expressed her excitement over this endeavor.

She outlined how it’s not their first time integrating with the Web3 community. Earlier, the team ventured into NFTs paired with apparel and unveiled NFT artwork in international hubs like Berlin and New York City. King candidly stated:

“It felt like such a natural step to go ‘all in’ and create an even stronger pathway and platform for some of the coolest and most engaging artists in our community.”

Exclusive access for Korea Blockchain Week attendees

For those eager to get their hands on these limited artworks, here’s the breakdown: The limited edition NFTs are capped at 100 pieces per artist. Priced at 0.15 ETH, roughly $250, they’re exclusive to the attendees of the Seoul event. As an added bonus, each of these NFTs is paired with a unique physical hoodie.

On the other hand, the open edition NFTs for each artist come with a more accessible price tag of 0.03 ETH, approximately $50. There’s no cap on how many one can buy, and they’re available for everyone. Both NFT sales commence on September 6 and culminate on September 11.

Lastly, the sportswear titan seems to be gearing up for more such futuristic projects. King hinted at more upcoming drops—be it digital, tangible, or interconnected. This move is reminiscent of Adidas’ recent collaboration with BAPE, wherein they released limited edition sneakers complemented by digital twins.

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