Adidas and Moncler’s new AI Adventure features futuristic fashion and NFTs

Adidas and Moncler’s new AI Adventure features futuristic fashion and NFTs

Fashion brands Adidas and Moncler are taking a futuristic leap, collaborating on a campaign called “The Art of Explorers”. Featuring AI-generated adventurers paired with mixed-media sculptures, this immersive digital experience is further elevated with a limited edition collection of NFTs.

Inspired by “Art of Genius”

Italian fashion house Moncler has invited artists to sculpt representations of explorers for the collection. It’s a step up from their “Art of Genius” show, held in London earlier in the year, which first showcased their partnership with Adidas.

The “Art of Genius” celebrated various brand collaborations spanning the fashion, music, and automotive sectors. Notable names included Pharrell Williams, Salehe Bembury, Roc Nation, and even Mercedes Benz.

Moncler was also involved in a previous Web3 project. Marking its 70th anniversary in October 2022, the brand launched 1,070 NFTs inspired by its iconic Maya jacket.

Are these humans real?

Among the talented artists contributing to the project, figures by Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor stand out. Their sculptures will be displayed alongside humans sporting different looks. The goal is to blur the lines between machine and man, leading spectators to question if the photos are real humans or AI creations.

Ai Kamoshita styled the campaign, while makeup and hair came to life thanks to artist Isamaya Ffrench and stylist Shirori Takahashi, respectively. Hanna Moon photographed images capturing the creations. Gary Card, one of the sculptors, crafted his figure to resonate as “lumbering yet imposing.” He aimed for a side-by-side comparison that reflected “a distorted mirror version of the Moncler look.”

Isamaya Ffrench revealed that the aim was to design avatars inspired by the collection’s apparel. Ffrench said:

“The shapes, colors, and textures were formed using transparent plastic masks, airbrushed colors, and reflective materials.”

On the hair front, Takahashi crafted each style to uniquely represent each avatar, bridging the real and AI worlds.

Moncler x Adidas: Digital experience coupled with NFTs

Fans can immerse themselves in this digital world on Moncler’s website. Drawing inspiration from the “Art of Genius” show, it features a bustling cityscape. The interactive experience includes “sound, video, and 3D animation”, and even offers exclusive products for purchase.

NFT enthusiasts can anticipate a limited collection spotlighting the Moncler x Adidas Originals NMD boot. These digital tokens will be accessible both on the immersive platform and the Adidas Confirmed app.

For those looking to own a piece of this high-fashion future, the Moncler x Adidas Originals collection drops on October 4 online. Brick-and-mortar aficionados can find them in select stores a day later.

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