Actor William Shatner to be featured on Web3 project “Infinite Connections”

Actor William Shatner to be featured on Web3 project “Infinite Connections”

Orange Comet, a leading web3 game and entertainment company, has partnered with William Shatner, an Emmy and Golden Globe winning Hollywood icon, to create a digital collection entitled “Infinite Connections”.

Cosmic Explorer and Timeless Voyager

The highly-anticipated collection will be unveiled for the first time at Consensus 2023. “Infinite Connections” is a web3-based collection that embodies Shatner’s fascination with the unknown and his unquenchable thirst for exploration, with a strong emphasis on scientific phenomena and earthly elements.

The drop is comprised of 3,500 unique 1:1s NFTs, which are divided into two exclusive digital collections: “William Shatner Cosmic Explorer” and “William Shatner Timeless Voyager.”

The Cosmic Explorer collection features 2,500 unique collectibles, including a detailed digital Shatner 3D avatar that delves into topics such as quantum physics, magnetic frequencies, and mathematical theories, as well as various earthly elements, including sonic vibrations, volcanic eruptions, and the “quiet language” of trees.

Phygital William Shatner

The William Shatner NFTs come along with a physical action figure depicting Shatner in his role as Captain James T. Kirk seated on his command chair. These action figures are numbered, hand-signed, and bear one of five distinct phrases penned by Shatner himself.

The second collection, named Timeless Voyager, boasts an array of 1,000 distinctive collectibles, each featuring intricate 2D artwork that delves into the mysteries of the universe and beyond. Through its vibrant colors and creative illustrations, this collection invites collectors to embark on an endless expedition of curiosity and exploration, stirring their sense of wonder.

Expressing his enthusiasm for collaborating with Shatner and sharing in his professional journey, Orange Comet’s CEO and Co-founder, Dave Broome, eagerly anticipates the venture. The website will offer Shatner’s Infinite Connections for purchase using both conventional cryptocurrency payments and credit cards. The presale for the Infinite Connections collection will begin at 3 pm PT on April 27th.

Tech savvy Shatner

Having embraced web3 and NFTs as early as 2018, Shatner is well-acquainted with the blockchain world. His recent release, the Infinite Connections collection, channels his adventurous spirit and conveys the message that all aspects of the universe are interconnected.

The collection delves into scientific phenomena and earthly elements, instilling a sense of awe and fascination in viewers and underscoring the notion that new journeys can commence at any point in one’s life.

For more than six decades, Shatner has carved out a diverse career as an award-winning performer, author, director, and producer. His illustrious credits encompass a range of productions, including Star Trek, Boston Legal, and TJ Hooker, to name a few. Furthermore, he has released multiple albums, including the lauded “Has Been” in 2004, and has dedicated himself to philanthropic work, particularly in the field of animal welfare.

Orange Comet straight to the moon

Under the guidance of industry veteran Dave Broome, Orange Comet is a company fueled by a passion that produces industry-defining digital content of Hollywood-level production quality. The company collaborates with legendary entertainment franchises, including AMC’s The Walking Dead and Sir Anthony Hopkins, to construct top-tier digital collectibles that cater to devoted fans from all walks of life.

Orange Comet’s purpose is to spearhead the web3 entertainment revolution, offering unprecedented engagement to fans through outstanding content creation. Boasting a co-founding team that comprises Hollywood veteran TV and film producer Dave Broome, NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, and Grammy-winning music icons Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Orange Comet harnesses the drive and zeal of a committed crew that firmly believes that blockchain experiences will catalyze a substantial disruptive shift in the entertainment and media industry’s future.

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