AC Milan’s San Siro stadium enters Web3 with Crossmint partnership

AC Milan’s San Siro stadium enters Web3 with Crossmint partnership

AC Milan, the storied Italian football club, has teamed up with blockchain company Crossmint to introduce Web3 technology in fan engagement, turning areas of San Siro Stadium into NFTs for a new level of fan interaction.

Introducing a novel Web3 fan experience

AC Milan has launched an innovative project that acknowledges and actively rewards its fan base, leveraging blockchain technology through a partnership with Crossmint.

The initiative transforms the fan experience by allowing supporters to own a piece of the San Siro pitch as fractionalized NFTs. These digital assets are linked with significant in-game events — goals, assists, and other match highlights.

Ownership of these NFTs entitles fans to a host of benefits that enrich their connection with the club. Holders can expect to receive authentic signed merchandise, access to VIP experiences, and complimentary match tickets, ensuring that the excitement of matchday spills over into the realm of digital collectibles.

The Rossoneri’s project is driven by the need to effectively identify and appreciate its dedicated fan base. The utilization of blockchain technology facilitates the distribution of loyalty tokens for fan interactions across various platforms. These tokens enable fans to establish and showcase their loyalty scores globally. 

The Crossmint advantage

The collaboration ensures that the redemption of benefits is seamless, bypassing the complexities often associated with digital rewards systems. This ease of integration extends across the club’s ecosystem, including ticketing, merchandising, and partner services. For example, affiliated bars could recognize NFT holders with special offers, further enriching the fan experience at the stadium and beyond.

Crossmint’s choice for this partnership is underlined by its established history of collaborations with leading sports entities such as the NBA, MLB, and La Liga. The appeal of Crossmint lies in its user-friendly approach, offering an accessible wallet and an intuitive NFT minting process that does not require extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

Goal! AC Milan’s Web3 strategy ushers in new era for football

AC Milan’s adoption of Web3 technologies through its partnership with Crossmint marks a transformative era for football fandom. This strategic move is enhancing the fan experience by providing supporters with an immersive sense that they are an active part of every match. It sets a new precedent in the football world, showing how clubs can utilize blockchain technology to offer more interactive and rewarding relationships with their fans.

This innovative approach fosters a profound connection between the club and its global fan base, making each supporter feel like a vital player in the ongoing match of football evolution.

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