AC Milan and Sorare keep pushing collectibles forward with new 3D Augmented Reality NFT cards

AC Milan and Sorare keep pushing collectibles forward with new 3D Augmented Reality NFT cards

Sorare and AC Milan are set to redefine the digital collectibles space, bringing in 3D Augmented Reality (AR) NFT soccer cards. This collaboration heralds a transformative experience for fans, offering an interactive, real-world blend through a pioneering mobile app.

Sorare kicking off the new season in style

Sorare, a global leader in sports entertainment, has unveiled its revolutionary 3D digital soccer cards infused with augmented reality (AR) features.

The announcement comes on the heels of a similar partnership with Premier League clubs. Beginning with the 2023/24 soccer season, fans can interact with these collectibles in the physical realm, courtesy of Sorare’s mobile app.

The digital collectibles giant has yet again solidified its position as an industry trendsetter by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to augment fan experiences.

Not to be left on the sidelines, AC Milan has the distinction of being the first Italian team to participate in this cutting-edge initiative. From soccer legends like Rafael Leao, Theo Hernández, and Christian Pulisic to emerging talents, the team’s roster will be immortalized in 3D digital cards.

This technological synergy allows fans to virtually introduce their favorite players into real-world environments, melding digital fandom with tangible experiences.

Real-world adventures await

Apart from their collectible allure, these new-gen 3D cards with scintillating designs and dynamic hues offer fans the chance to unlock once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These include VIP tickets and even away trips with the AC Milan team, promising not just ownership but meaningful engagement with the collectibles.

For those itching for a digital adventure, Sorare has conceived an online treasure hunt slated to begin in September. Participants are invited to decode teaser videos released weekly on social media, piecing together hidden words. Successful treasure hunters will not only lay claim to exclusive 3D cards but also win tickets for an exhilarating trip to watch AC Milan compete in a European match.

An ever-evolving experience

Adrien Montfort, CTO and co-founder of Sorare, underscores the company’s mission to enhance user experience continuously. The focus is to serve a global community by connecting the virtual with the physical, creating a holistic sports fandom environment.

Maikel Oettle, Commercial Director of AC Milan, echoes the excitement, stating that the partnership embodies AC Milan’s commitment to pioneering technological innovations in sports fandom.

Notably, Gerard Piqué, an investor and entrepreneur with Sorare, emphasized the groundbreaking potential of the new 3D AR cards. He believes this will significantly bolster individual player brands and foster global audience engagement.

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