A partnership between eBay and Notable Live results in an NFT collection for sports fans

A partnership between eBay and Notable Live results in an NFT collection for sports fans

eBay, the popular auction and e-commerce platform, has nearly 142 million buyers to date. To offer better satisfaction to the players or sports fans on its platform, eBay announced a partnership with Notable Live, a major player in the crypto sector. Discover the highlights of this collaboration between two digital giants.

What does the partnership between eBay and Notable Live offer?

If there is an agreement today between the virtual event and interactive site and eBay, it is to take advantage of NFTs. The aim is to offer sports fans experiences with players, their favorite sports teams, leagues, and more.

The deal aims to combine the collectibles marketplace of e-commerce giant eBay with the immersive experience of Notable Live.

Fans will be able to benefit from a platform that allows them to connect with the players. It is important to remember that eBay Ventures previously led the Notable Live Series A. This is the venture capital arm of eBay. 

The nature of the deal between these two entities is multi-year, as Notable Live will bring NFT products to its partner. This is also the case for unlimited edition players. Therefore, this online marketplace agreement with Notable Live appears to be a real immersion of eBay in the cryptocurrency sector.

What are the advantages of the partnership?

Firstly, note that the technology startup in this partnership was thought up by Antonucci and Emmitt Smith, a member of the NFL’s Template of Fame. The Notable Live platform was released in 2018 and appeared as a mobile app. Its main purpose was to give fans access to memorable experiences with players.

According to eBay, this partnership with Notable Live will enhance cutting-edge experiences for the sports fan, investor, and collector community. They will be able to engage with living legends in a new and meaningful way. In addition, it is a collaboration that will help both players attract many more buyers.

What will eBay’s NFT sales look like?

eBay decides to make it available in different levels of rarity. Obviously, the rarer the NFT, the more expensive it is. On the website of this online trading giant, the most sought-after collectibles are 15 NFTs at $1,500, 99 NFTs at $100, and 199 NFTs at $25.

The eBay platform has chosen to launch its own NFT collection in a rather special way. It knows that this is a market that will be subject to some scrutiny. This is due to the various disruptions that the crypto and stablecoin market generally experiences. 

Furthermore, NFTs are quite speculative. As such, people who buy them often do so to support creators or artists. You can be sure that eBay strongly believes in this sector. That’s why it promises you new collections for the next few years.

That’s all you need to know about the partnership between eBay and Notable Live. However, it is essential to point out that for the time being, nobody knows on which blockchain the NFTs resulting from this collaboration will be placed. We still have to wait for the two companies to make a statement on this subject.

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