Upbit lists NFT marketplace BLUR token on its trading platform

Upbit lists NFT marketplace BLUR token on its trading platform

Upbit, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange, announced a BTC/BLUR trading pair listing on its platform, giving users a leeway for depositing and withdrawing from Bybit.

Upbit adds BLUR token

Upbit is the latest renowned cryptocurrency exchange to list BLUR on its trading platform. In a statement released to users, Upbit opened BLUR trading on February 16, 19:00 KST (estimated time). The crypto exchange limited the buy order to the first 5 minutes.

Coinmarketcap captured the closing price of BLUR at 0.00003904 BTC on February 15, prompting Upbit to bar users from making sell orders of less than -10%. In addition, the buy/sell orders of BLUR at market price plus reservations were limited for almost an hour after the launch.

In the last 24 hours, BLUR’s price has increased by almost 39.32 %, hitting $1.14 at the time of writing.

BLUR token attracted massive trading volumes on February 14 after the company initiated an airdrop for its customers. According to market data, the token attracted more than $500 million in a single day. The intensity of trading BLUR through the Blur marketplace continues to intensify as days go by, thus raising its popularity. The listing by Upbit is a clear indication that BLUR will continue to attract more traders.

BLUR scaling the heights

BLUR becomes the newest digital asset integrated into Upbit after its successful February 14 launch, characterized by an airdrop hype. As the native token of the Blur NFT marketplace, BLUR is a governance tool that allows users to decide on various parameters like fees.

The token came into existence as an airdrop to the customers in October 2022, when the Blur marketplace gave it out as a care package. Traders were set to unlock the tokens received in January 2023, but the management announced February 14 as the perfect day for the launch due to technical issues.

Blur NFT marketplace and aggregator operates through the Ethereum mainnet providing traders with a platform to trade NFTs efficiently at lower fees. Blur boasts of its ability to manage high workloads at high speed while providing users with real-time data, portfolio management, visuals, and listing of available assets.

Incorporation of BLUR token into major exchanges

Besides Upbit, other major exchanges like Coinbase have also announced listing BLUR. Coinbase announced listing the token as an experimental token to trade under the BLUR-USD pair. The company indicated that the launch would occur once they attain enough liquidity but will only be available in some jurisdictions.

Exchanges, such as OKX, Uniswap, and Kucoin, remain the most preferred by customers as they provide mechanisms for trading BLUR. 

Blur has intensified its quest to dominate the NFT industry by capturing market share despite being launched in October last year. Major cryptocurrency exchanges have shown interest in partnering with Blur to tap into the high growth rate. Currently, all the big exchanges, except for Binance, have listed BLUR and provided guidelines on how users can trade BLUR on their platforms.

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