$20 million boost: Animoca Brands fuels its Mocaverse vision

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$20 million boost: Animoca Brands fuels its Mocaverse vision

Animoca Brands is leaping into the future with its Mocaverse project. Fueled by a fresh infusion of $20 million, this endeavor aims to become the nucleus of Web3 gaming, culture, and entertainment. As the digital landscape shifts gears, Mocaverse is poised to redefine digital identity and interactions in the Web3 ecosystem.

Follow the money

When names like CMCC Global, Kingsway Capital, and Liberty City Ventures come together, it’s bound to make waves. Led by CMCC Global, this funding round is a vote of confidence for Animoca Brands and its pursuits.

Not just financial bigwigs, the round saw participation from Web3 stalwarts like Aleksander Larsen, founder of Sky Mavis, and Gabby Dizon, founder of Yield Guild Games. Animoca Brands is not holding back; this capital will be strategically deployed to expand Mocaverse into a far-reaching metaverse.

A Universal Passport to Web3 by Animoca Brands

Mocaverse has a tooling architecture designed to empower digital identities across various verticals. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for the digital realm.

Moca ID, an upcoming NFT collection, is particularly eye-catching. It allows users to construct their on-chain identity, thus giving them exclusive access to the Mocaverse ecosystem.

Additionally, there will be a loyalty point system that aims to be both permissionless and interoperable. The ultimate goal is to advance the accessibility and proliferation of Web3. Users can earn loyalty points by actively participating in the Mocaverse ecosystem, setting the stage for a new kind of digital interaction that incentivizes active participation and facilitates third-party integration.

Animoca Brands aims to mold Mocaverse as a pervasive digital identity system, reshaping how we interact in the digital world. With a DAO-based approach, the ecosystem encourages innovation and collaboration, setting a new standard in the decentralization movement.

The heavy hitters behind the grandiose vision

The success of any enterprise hinges on the caliber of its leaders. Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, heralds the project as a community-driven ecosystem. He aims to shift the paradigm from hierarchical systems to more autonomous structures. 

Equally bullish is Martin Baumann, co-founder of CMCC Global, who anticipates Mocaverse serving as a gateway for millions of new users into Web3 and metaverse ecosystems.

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